With This Recipe, Take Your Delicious Mrs Miller's Homemade Strawberry on the Go!

Submitted by Mrs. Millers on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 7:21am
Homemade Jam Toaster Tarts
Homemade Jam Toaster Tart Prep

With warmer weather here and strawberry season coming to a close here in our area, my mind is thinking strawberries lately. Having small children, I have tried to make it a tradition to take them strawberry picking. I am not sure how much picking they really do! The strawberries always end up in their mouths! We always love the tractor wagon ride back to their small shop after we have finished picking strawberries. There is something so delightful with a bowl of fresh strawberries! 


While I am thinking of all things strawberries, I came across this strawberry toaster tart recipe. I am not sure why it caught my attention because I am not a pop tart fan! If it would be up to the rest of my family, we could probably live off of pop tarts morning and night. I wanted to give it a try and hope a homemade 'pop tart' would be much better than the store bought pop tarts. It was amazing! Biting into a homemade crust with that perfect blend of sweetness of the jam filling inside, it was a match made in heaven! I may have eaten more than just one toaster tart right then! I won't even tell you how many my children wanted to eat! The dough can be chilled overnight and made the following day so it would make a perfect morning breakfast! It is definitely a recipe worth trying! 


Does your family have any traditions during strawberry season? Maybe you make a fresh strawberry pie every year or strawberry shortcake. And if you have never gone strawberry picking, you should try it! It will make sweet memories for your family.


I found this recipe from Bon Appetit and tweaked it a little. You could use any flavor jam but we all loved Mrs. Miller's Homemade Strawberry Jam! You can find the recipe at https://www.millershomemadejams.com/recipes/strawberry-jam-toaster-tarts


I hope you enjoy these as much as my family did!