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A Family Tradition


While growing up on a farm in Amish Country, Ohio, Sara was taught the fine art of cooking by her mother. She has parleyed that skill and know-how into a line of jellies and jams that have become a premier choice on the market. The aura and charm of Mrs. Miller's present day kitchen are the key ingredients to the distinctive taste of her product line.

Our family loves bacon.  We like bacon plain, wrapped around our steaks, on top of our burgers, in our omelets, and on our salads.  And the moment we first introduced them to our homemade Bacon Jams, we knew we were going to need to make more...…

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With 65 flavors to choose from and only using the freshest and most natural ingredients possible. Zero preservatives or colorings, just old fashioned, homestyle, hand scooped jams and jellies.