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Learn More About How We Make Our Amish Jams

Submitted by Mrs. Millers on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 9:00am

It’s a common question after someone tries one of our Amish jams—how did we make something so delicious using only all natural ingredients? The secret lies in preserving the old style recipes and cooking methods that have been used for generations.

Fruits (or vegetables) are always the base of our Amish jams. Fruits are peeled and mashed, then combined with sugar and water and brought to a boil. This helps ensure that there aren’t big chunks of fruit left in the jam later on. After the fruit has boiled for a while, pectin is added to help solidify the mixture and give it the proper texture. Lemon juice and citric acid (a natural preservative) are also added to boost the flavor.

As far as ingredients go, that’s it! Once everything has been adequately mixed together, the ingredients are scooped from the kettle and placed in jars, ready to be sent to your home. No colorings or artificial preservatives are added to the mix—everything is done in the same way it was accomplished hundreds of years ago.

These all natural ingredients and vintage cooking methods lend our Amish jams a distinct flavor you won’t find anywhere else—one that the entire family is sure to love.