Bacon Jam - The Tasty New Jam That Tastes Great On Everything!

Submitted by Mrs. Millers on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 10:09am

Our family loves bacon.  We like bacon plain, wrapped around our steaks, on top of our burgers, in our omelets, and on our salads.  And the moment we first introduced them to our homemade Bacon Jams, we knew we were going to need to make more...lots more.  The sweet and savory flavor, filled with chunks of real bacon was the perfect addition to everything we put it on.  We put it on eggs, sandwiches, crackers, burgers, & basically everything else that came off the grill.  We narrowed them down to our 3 favorite recipes; Maple Onion Bacon Jam, Smokey BBQ Bacon Jam, and Spicy Chili Bacon Jam.  Each bacon jam, packs a sweet and savory punch, but yet each tastes deliciously different in it's own way.  The Maple Onion carries the sweet taste of bacon and onions caramelized in maple sugar, the Smokey BBQ carries a sweet and smokey taste of bacon simmering in brown sugar, and the Spicy Chili packs a bit more zing with crushed red peppers and bacon cooked with the tang of vinegar.  Friends, family, and customers all seem to agree that the Bacon Jams are irresistible.  What they can't seem to agree on is which one of the 3 is their favorite, and which foods it tastes best on.  Our personal favorites are the Spicy Chili on egg omelets, and the Smokey BBQ on our grilled burgers, but don't take our word for it...try them and find out for yourself.